About The Artist


I madly, madly want to live

And make all living things immortal,

All faceless – human.  And in total –

To incarnate, to love, to give!

British artist

Born in Ukraine, 1956.

I studied graphic design at the College of Art and Design in Kiev.

Over the years I had applied myself in various different areas of design: graphic, fashion and interior design, but painting has always been the passion of my life.


“Transformations” is my latest series of paintings, where I gave myself a task to present the idea that the condition of Matter (as a plastic substance) is conceivable, in which it might be held by the operation of will (Thought) in any particular forms desired and transformed from one form to another.

 When we look around as, we see a world of solid objects. Our reality appears to consist of three-dimensional form. Yet, as science explores deeper into the unseen heart of matter, remarkable discoveries are being made. Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 tells us that matter is nothing more than a form of stored energy temporarily moulded to construct the physical objects around us.

Why does matter exist? The answer is that if the Form were not expressed in solid substance, things would be perpetually flowing into each other so that no identity could be maintained for single moment.

I am looking for the inner side of the object, for its spirit and a relationship between Spirit and Matter,